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At the root of Nose Surgery lies health problems or Aesthetic Concerns. The place of social media in our lives is now of great importance. It’s extremely unlikely that we’re not affected by the beautiful noses that we encounter every day when we’re on Instagram.

It is possible to evaluate Health Problems under two headings.

The face is the first part of the human body to draw attention and importance. Especially having a proper nose structure is a complementary element for the face in terms of aesthetics. So, the healthier the nose is structurally and functionally, the more the face in general looks beautiful.

Except for the expression that the nose adds to the face, providing a quality breathing, sterilizing and humidifying the inhaled air are other important criteria. If there’s a sleeping disorder regarding the nose, one can suffer from a severe breathing shortage. This can be caused by a lot of problems, from sleep disorders to psychological problems.

The nose will continue to change for 24 months after the Rhinoplasty surgery.

This change is in the positive direction at the open structure Rhinoplasty. The tip of the nose becomes less and less swelling, and the cartilage edges and angles become visible to the eye.

The tip of the nose gains definition. The oedema at the junction of the nose and face decreases and the nose appears thinner when viewed from the opposite side.

Planning Your Surgery

It is essential and extremely important to have good communication between you and our doctor. At the first examination, the surgeon will ask you what you would like your nose to look like, examine the structure of your nose and face, and offer possible options suitable to your needs and expectations. The major subjects of discussion are the structure of the nasal bones and cartilages, the shape of your face, the thickness of your skin, your age, and your expectations.

Your surgeon will explain the type of anaesthesia and surgery technique that he/she will use, the type of facility that the surgery will be performed, risks, cost and other options, if any. The majority of health insurance policies do not cover this procedure, which is solely for cosmetic reasons. However, if the surgery is needed to cure a breathing difficulty or a major deformity as a result of an injury, it may be covered by insurance.

Even if it was many years ago, you should make sure that you inform the surgeon about any previous nose surgery or treatment, whether you have allergies or respiratory problems, the medications you take, and whether you are a smoker or not. Do not hesitate to ask your surgeon anything you can think of about your expectations and the results of the surgery.

How many days should patients coming from their native country stay for surgery?

Patients visiting Antalya from abroad for Rhinoplasty Surgery must stay for at least 7 days. They will not be granted permission for flights before this date.

Patients should be in Antalya 2 days before the Rhinoplasty procedure day.

How long after the surgery does the nose take to heal?

As with most surgeries, the complete healing process after nasal plastic surgery varies from person to person. The first recovery process is usually completed in a week. You won’t be far behind from work or school as this period is short.

What to watch out for after nose surgery

After Rhinoplasty surgery there is usually mild or moderate pain. It is recommended to lie on a high pillow in the first days after the operation. – Sprays and other drugs given for the cleaning and care of the nose should be used regularly after the surgery. – Post-operative facial expressions and laughing should be avoided.

How many days after the nose surgery is it okay to wash the face?

You can wash your complete body one day after the procedure under normal circumstances, but you should wash your hair by flinging your head back, as in hair salons. Because it is critical that the plastic plasters placed on your nose after surgery do not come into touch with water in order for them to stay attached to your skin.

NET RESULT6-12 months
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