Genital Aesthetics

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Genital Aesthetics

Structural problems and disorders can occur in the vagina as in many parts of the body. Today, Genital Aesthetics, which is mentioned under Plastic Surgery procedures, can be performed.

All operations performed to correct problems such as skin sagging, asymmetry, large vagina or vaginal enlargement, generally found in the vaginal region post-natal or genetically innate, are all referred to as Genital Aesthetics.

How is Genital Aesthetics performed?

Genital aesthetics usually last between 1 and 2 hours. This period exceeds one hour, especially for patients with a wide lip structure or procedures that include the removal of the clitoris area.

The most characteristic of this surgery is that there is no scar after the operation. In other words, it is not obvious from the outside.

To expand this a little bit further, if a female patient undergoes a vaginal examination to a doctor after having a labiaplasty and if it is not understood that she underwent genital surgery, then this means that she has had a successful operation.

Genital aesthetics can be performed by giving general anaesthesia to the patient or under local anaesthesia. Whatever type of anaesthesia a person wants, it can be administered.

Who Is a Suitable Genital Aesthetic Candidate?

Genital Aesthetic surgery is a procedure that is determined based on a person’s health condition.

This surgery can be performed for women over 18 years of age, so there is no upper age limit for this operation.

Genital Plastic Surgery is the most preferred procedure in women with genital sagging, expanding and wrinkling of the inside lip.

There are patients who have undergone this operation due to health problems other than aesthetic appearance. High frequency of vaginal infections and hygienic problems are among these reasons.

Will there be any scarring after Genital Aesthetic Surgery?

The sutures used in surgery are not removed in this procedure. Sutures are absorbed on their own within 10-15 days and leave no mark 90% of the time.

How long after the Genital Aesthetic Surgery can I return to my Sexual Life?

After the surgery, the return to sexual life may vary between 4 and 6 weeks on average.

How many days should patients coming from their native country stay for surgery?

Patients visiting Antalya from abroad for Genital Aesthetic surgery must stay for at least 7 days. They will not be granted permission for flights before this date.

Patients should be in Antalya 2 days before the Genital Aesthetic procedure day.

ANESTHESIASpinal Anesthesia
NET RESULT2-4 months
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