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Beard Transplant

How Is Beard Transplant Performed?

Lack of beard is a serious problem faced by many men, as the impression created by a beard is not something that can be underestimated. Attributing different meanings to facial hair loss causes serious negative perceptions in men as it can be considered a form of psychological bullying. People who want to have beard transplantation often apply with the problem of an asymmetrical hair growth and not growing a beard in some regions.

Like other transplant methods, beard transplant is also applied with the FUE technique. These applications can be applied to people of all ages without any side effects. Some people can prefer beard transplant method as they are not able to grow a beard for genetic reasons. Depending on the situation, beard transplantation can also be performed on scars.

Beard transplantation is in high demand all around the world. Beard transplants are often performed together with sideburns. The majority of patients are satisfied with the outcome and enjoy long-term effects. Thousands of tourists from all over the world come to our country for beard transplantation and benefit from these services as part of health tourism.

Who is Suitable for Facial Hair Transplants?

People who do not have a beard and are described as “beardless”.

People who have lost a portion of their beard or a certain point due to a scar.

Those whose beard/facial hair grows asymmetrically.

Important note: Those with weak and formless beard due to burns and bruising can have a beard transplant.

What are the side effects of facial hair transplantation?

As the facial hair is planted using the FUE method, there are no side effects. In beard transplantation, which is applied by planting the hairs taken from the person’s own tissue to the beard area, successful results have been achieved on many people.

How Is the Result of Beard Transplantation?

After facial hair transplantation, crusts appear on the face and beards fall out. In about four to eight months on average, beards begin to grow naturally.

You can achieve results in a very short period of time with this method, which practically has no side effects People who go through the process of beard transplantation can decide the outcome of the process depending on their preference. The density of the beard being transplanted and the status of the current beard are considered before the process is carried out. The facial hair used for beard transplantation is like the seeds planted inside the land. As time goes by, hair roots start growing in the area of plantation, and the outcome is a success. As with hair transplantation, it is possible to achieve results in beard transplantation in a very short amount time. However, it is impossible to achieve immediate results because the area where the beard grows requires a certain amount of time for a natural facial hair growth process.

Is Beard Transplantation Costly?

Beard transplantation process is much less expensive in our country in comparison to many European countries. That’s why thousands of tourists come to our country every year as part of health tourism and benefit from these inexpensive prices, compared to their own country.

How many days should patients coming from their native country stay for transplantation?

Patients visiting Antalya from abroad for beard transplantation must stay for at least 3 days. They will not be granted permission for flights before this date.

Patients should be in Antalya 1 days before the Beard Transplantation procedure day.

ANESTHESIASpinal Anesthesia
NET RESULT6-12 months
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